Traditional recipes

Fratelli e Fornelli suggests you two of the many delicious traditional recipes of Salento

Polpo in pignata

It’s a way to cook octopus in a typical earthenware cup that gives the name to this tasty dish. A famous dialect say reveals the secret for the perfect cooking of this recipe: “u purpu se coce cu l’acqua sua stessa” (“octopus is cooked in its own sauce”)

Grilled octopus with fava beans and chicory

A simple and poor dish of the traditional cooking of Salento, but also one the most delicious you have ever tasted. Complete in a nutritive way, fava beans and chicory create a tasty dish that fits perfectly with the octopus.


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The kitchen on the sea

The kitchen
on the sea

Sitting by the sea, intoxicated by its sparkling fragrance, transported in a dynamic and fresh atmosphere, Fratelli e Fornelli is not just a restaurant, but a place to live a unique and complete experience: you will have the chance to venture, wisely guided , through a specially curated selection of land and sea dishes obtained from research and selection of zero km ingredients that characterize and enhance the traditional flavors and fresh fish of Salento.